Products & Services

Pollen Sense

Pollen Sense™ is the first fully automated device that collects, images, recognizes, and reports pollen and other particulates in real-time.

Weedobot is an autonomous, solar-powered, weed-seeking robot about the size of a coconut. Place a Weedobot in an area that you would otherwise be using a hoe to combat weeds. It knows to stay in the soil or mulch (and off the lawn or sidewalk) and will locate sprouts with its machine vision. Using this same vision, it will navigate the terrain and avoid obstacles.

NewSQL database management system based on a columnar scale-out topology. By embracing modern hardware design, Fastore provides ultra-high transaction and query throughput. Features include:
  • Scale out - add more "cheap" nodes for redundancy and faster performance
  • Primary in-memory, but durable
  • For both analytics and transaction processing
  • Optimistic and pessimistic concurrency
  • Supports Windows and Linux
  • Accessible via C, C++, .NET, and Java APIs

Online database system for the masses.  More details coming...

C4 language
Multi-paradigm systems language combining category theory, the relational model, and a grammar sub-language

Open Source:
  • DigiFramework - (C#) Actors and state machines for machine control, or other critical complex system.
  • BlackNet - (C#) Wrappers for the BeagleBone Black prototyping board.

Recent consulting work includes:
  • Bidirectional document merge system
  • Actor-based, state machine control architecture – Framework and application for control of complex, 3-robot medical packaging machine
  • Weather and other environmental data aggregation system.
  • Federated platform for large medical company.
  • DotQL language – federated query language that gives object-like perspectives within a perspective-free relational framework
  • Decision engine – real-time dynamic rule-based decisioning using functional language
  • Big data architecture – NoSQL, SQL, and New SQL analysis and testing
  • Unified corporate genealogical data model
  • Code-generation based multi-format serializer
  • Improved page replacement algorithm – performant and concurrent LRU-LFU hybrid.
  • Document-based lossless database storage grid architecture and implementation.
  • Merge logic for automated data change conflict resolution.
  • Architecture for social networking and subscription sub-system.
  • Enterprise single-sign-on (SSO) and authorization infrastructure
  • Tierless – dynamic ER mapping framework participant
Recent user interface related work:
  • Augmented reality simulation in Unity3D.
  • Cross-platform mobile medical application – Xamarin frontend, architected new data model for backend
  • Content search – AJAX based search interface with faceting, type-ahead, etc.
  • Facebook web API integration
  • WorkerQueue – Specialized thread queuing and synchronization mechanism for predictable and reliable asynchronous UI behavior.
  • SharedSizePanel – allows multiple disparate Silverlight controls to share certain minimum dimensions.
  • Custom grid – spreadsheet like navigation and manipulation of cells in Silverlight.
  • Dynamically sizing and scrolling design canvas with draggable objects in Silverlight.
  • Scheduling controls - daily, weekly, multi-party in WPF.
  • Various Silverlight controls: custom notebook, AcceptRejectWindow, BreadCrumb, ButtonScrollViewer, GroupBox.
  • Silverlight client for Tierless entity framework.
  • IDE – initially built; recent work involved adding debugger UIs.
  • Large scale dynamic HR tree in WPF
  • Windows Phone 7 game and application UIs